COVID-19: Specific crowd control measures introduced

Following an announcement made by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri during a press conference held on 30 March 2020, the Government of Malta has issued two interrelated legal notices aimed at deterring the congregation of individuals in public places, these being:

(i) LN 112 of 2020 – Number of Persons in Public Places Order, 2020 and,
(ii) LN 113 of 2020 – Enforcement of the Order relating to the Number of Persons in Public Places Regulations, 2020.

These legal notices outright prohibit individuals from congregating in groups of more than three (3) in any outdoor space accessible to members of the public. This number may, by notice in the Government Gazette, be increased by the Superintendent of Public Health at her discretion.

This prohibition expressly covers individuals gathering in queues and at bus stops (except in so far as a distance of two (2) metres is kept between each individual), but does not apply to congregating individuals who live in the same residence.

Any individual who fails to abide by the prohibition set out above shall be guilty of an offence, and thereby liable, on conviction, to a penalty of €100 for each and every occasion of breach.