Distribution of liquified petroleum gas bottles in Malta: Liquigas Malta Limited v Easygas Malta Limited

Ganado Advocates has contributed a country report on 2019’s third issue of the European Competition and Regulatory Law Review

The country report deals with a recent judgment delivered by the First Hall Civil Court on 29 May 2019 which awarded the claimant an amount of approximately €150,000 against the respondent competitor due to breaches of property rights and failure to adhere to regulatory obligations associated with the distribution of liquified petroleum gas bottles in Malta. The dispute is atypical in that competing undertakings in Malta rarely take their confrontations before judicial courts or tribunals, in particular, those based on breaches of regulatory requirements. Although the Court made no reference to it, this judgment is in some ways a follow-on claim following a determination from the regulator at the time delivered a few months prior to the filing of the lawsuit. The respondent has appealed form this judgment and it is still pending before the Court of Appeal (Superior Jurisdiction).

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