Updated: Interim measures for the processing of physical documentation

The Malta Financial Services Authority (“the Authority”) has issued a circular stating that documentation to be submitted to the MFSA shall as of the 24 March 2020 be submitted electronically. Such an approach shall be taken until further communications are made by the Authority. The circular issued by the MFSA makes reference to documents being submitted by:

(i) all persons or entities who are licenced, registered, enrolled, recognised or authorised in any other form by the Malta Financial Services Authority; and
(ii) applicants and prospective applicants.

All documentation, including those which under normal circumstances would be submitted in original, must as of the date of this circular be submitted either as a scan copy via email or through the relevant MFSA online portals.

Personal Questionnaires Passport copies of foreign individuals may be submitted via scan copy, without the need for any certification.
Regulatory Submissions Audited financial statements can be submitted via email. Regulatory submissions (including audited financial statements), can be submitted by the Chairman of the Board via email.

Following the receipt of the email, the Authority may, at its sole discretion ask for copies to be sent via mail or courier. Original signed documents, certified true copies and other documents usually submitted to the Authority in physical format will be expected to be submitted at a future date (when communicated by the Authority).

Outgoing Documentation

The Authority shall take the following approach when issuing documentation:

All documentation issued by the Authority (including, inter alia, documents relating to authorisation, supervision and enforcement) Shall be issued in pdf format or through the relevant MFSA portals.
Original signed documents Shall be dispatched at a later date.

Until the Authority issues further communications, all documentation sent via email by the Authority shall be regarded as official communications.