Ganado Advocates’ Lawyers to Deliver Seminar about the Reform in Rent Law

George Bugeja, Senior Associate within Ganado Advocates’ Corporate Finance and Tax practice, and Adrian Camilleri, Consultant within the firm’s Corporate practice, have been invited to deliver a seminar about the recent developments in rent law. Organised by Skillsmalta, the half-day seminar, which will take place on the 5th of February at Hilltop Gardens, will focus on the developments in relation to the law on leases.

George Bugeja will be delivering the first part of the seminar, which will focus on the Private Residential Leases Act, 2019 that regulates residential leases entered into as from 1st January 2020. During the second part of the seminar, Adrian Camilleri will be looking into recent Court judgments, focusing on pre-1995 leases, whilst analysing how such judgments may affect the landlords’ and tenants’ rights.