Max Ganado to speak at DAO Legal Structure Workshop

Max Ganado has been invited to deliver a presentation at the 2nd Lisbon DAO Legal Structure Workshop – a half-day hybrid event of the CIDP’s research project ‘Crafting Legal Responses to Blockchain-Based Decentralised Business Arrangements and Organisations’ that is being organised in Lisbon on the 25th of May. Such a project researches the legal challenges and current legal state of decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) to drive future legislative action.

The event will host legal scholars and practitioners from different jurisdictions to discuss how DAOs qualify under major European jurisdictions and how they are being dealt with within more forward-looking countries, including Malta, who have already discussed possible legislation for DAOs which would be able to operate within their legal framework.

As a leading Maltese practitioner in this area, Max Ganado will be delivering a session detailing some proposals on how DAOs could be dealt with under the law in Malta.

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