Dr Conrad Portanier attends ISDA AGM in Miami

On 23-26 April, Dr Conrad Portanier attended the Annual General Meeting of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), which took place in Miami. The event gathered ISDA members from across the world and covered topics such as:

  • Benchmarks: How will the industry respond to the challenges of transitioning from LIBOR and other IBORS to risk-free rates?
  • Brexit: What will Brexit mean for derivatives contracts written under English law?
  • Technology: How will new technologies like distributed ledger, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies affect derivatives markets?
  • 21st Century Market Makers: How are derivatives firms positioning themselves for the future?

ISDA has over 850 member institutions from 68 countries and has been working on making the global derivatives market safer and more efficient since 1985.