Ganado Advocates inaugurates its very own recording studio

Following the firm’s achievements in the digital space over the past years, Ganado Advocates decided to convert part of its premises into a specialised facility, promoting initiatives within a professionally-design and more technically-advanced setting. The studio is fully customised to the needs of the firm and soundproofed to ensure the best quality audio delivery.

“By having our own studio facilities, we have stepped-up the production for our webinars, podcasts and video initiatives”, said Matthew Bianchi, Partner and Head of Marketing and Business Development at the firm. “With the project having been in the works for the past few months, the finalisation of the studio couldn’t have come at a better time for the firm”.

The studio started operating last month and currently hosts various sessions that are more knowledge-oriented, with the participation of specialised lawyers and guests who are invited to participate in discussions about topical matters that revolve around different areas of law.

Moving forward, through the use of this new set-up, the firm aims to enhance the overall quality of all its marketing, business development and training initiatives, whilst pushing innovative ideas, that involve an audio-visual element, to come to fruition in a more time-effective manner.

“We have no doubt that the studio will take our marketing initiatives to new heights”, added Matthew Bianchi. “We look forward to continue driving changes in the market, now with this new set-up that will help us reach new heights in our knowledge dissemination journey.”