GANADO contributes to study on the application of Cross-Border Mergers Directive (CBMD)

GANADO has contributed as Country Expert to the preparation of a multi-jurisdictional study commissioned by the EU Commission on the “Application of the Cross-Border Mergers Directive for the Directorate General for The Internal Market and Services of the European Union”.

The study, publishd in September 2013, was led by the Scandinavian law firm Bech-Bruun and international consultancy firm Lexidale, and authored by Mr. Thomas Biermeyer, Lexidale and Assistant Professor of European Corporate and Competition Law, Maastricht University.

The final report provides “unequivocal evidence that the CBMD has brought about a new age of cross-border mergers activity. Stakeholders across the continent have consistently reported their satisfaction with the CBMD and its transposition, and consider it to be a vital step in creating a more vibrant and robust market environment within the EU and EEA.”

It also provides insight into the main drivers for cross-border mergers and sheds light into the motivation to conduct them, as reported by stakeholders. Certain problems in implementation were identified and suggestions for improvement or mitigation made. The study may be accessed by clicking here.