Introducing GANADO Advocates Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

GANADO Advocates has always undertaken philanthropic work, be it through the provision of pro bono legal services or through fund-raising and donating to charitable or other worthy causes. At the end of 2014, the GANADO Advocates Corporate Social Responsibility Committee was set up to oversee these initiatives and streamline the process. Funds raised in 2014 were donated to the various causes including child care institutions.

The Committee has decided that, alongside the fielding of ad hoc requests throughout each year, the Committee will direct all funds raised in a particular year to a chosen cause. For 2015, our chosen cause is Education. The Committee has already met and is in discussions with various potential beneficiaries and is planning on contributing both financially and in practical ways once the beneficiaries are chosen.

Ad hoc requests for donations this year have already been made through the sponsorship of charitable marathon participants, donations for the upkeep of legal archives and also active participation by our lawyers in fundraising events organised at a national level. GANADO Advocates also organised its first very successful blood drive this year in collaboration with the kind services of the national Blood Donation Unit.

More information on the CSR Committee, its brief and activities shall be up on our website soon.