Shipping services

As part of its portfolio of services, GSL offers dedicated shipping and maritime services in Malta through a team of advocates and professionals specialised in the field of maritime law. GSL can assist you with the registration and de-registration of vessels under the Maltese flag as well as the compilation and filing of all the required documentation for bareboat chartering both in cases of bareboat ‘out’ registration and in cases of bareboat ‘in’ registration.

We can also assist with any other matter that is ancillary to the operation of vessels. Typically such administrative services include:

  • flag state inspections;
  • STCW endorsements;
  • filing of shipping organisation licences;
  • renewals of GMDSS radio licences;
  • renewals of certificates of Malta Registry;
  • renewals of minimum safe manning certificate;
  • renewals of bunker CLC certificate;
  • renewals of CLC certificate;
  • proper MLC adherence;
  • submission of documents to Maltese authorities and vessel searches; and
  • liaison with officials at Transport Malta’s shipping directorate.

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Judicial representative and service of process agent

GSL can act as judicial representative in respect of judicial procedures in Malta. The company also acts as service of process agent in Malta in respect of any legal action or proceedings connected to ship finance activities. As service of process agent, GSL is duty bound to receive and accept, for and on behalf of shipping companies (i.e. international owners or Maltese companies), service of judicial proceedings or any other formal notifications served upon such companies. This service is crucial in matters concerning financing and creates certainty to any creditor wishing to communicate with its debtor.

Resident agent

GSL can act as resident agent in Malta for the purpose of executing documents in connection with the registration of vessels owned by an international owner under the Malta flag, and with the registration of any transfers of ownership and/or any mortgages thereon.

As resident agent, GSL provides the following services:

  • acts as the channel of communication between the international owner and the relevant departments and authorities of the Malta Government;
  • acts on behalf of the international owner, signing and filing all declarations and forms required by the laws of Malta; and
  • acts as the judicial representative of the international owner for judicial proceedings in Malta.

As resident agent, GSL will be authorised to:

  • sign and file, on behalf of the international owner, applications, declarations, notices, returns and any other documents required in terms of Maltese law;
  • apply, on behalf of the international owner, for the registration of a ship under the Malta Flag and for the closure of register of a ship and to perform any ancillary act in relation thereto;
  • pay all relative fees and taxes payable in terms of the laws of Malta;
  • do, on behalf of the international owner, all other things as may be considered conducive or ancillary for the registration of a ship under the Malta Flag, for the maintenance of such registration or for the cancellation of the registration of a ship from the Malta flag; and
  • to authenticate documents issued by the international owner.

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