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01 - Ganado Meets Tech

1.1 - Paul Micallef Grimaud meets Ian Deguara

Marking the 3rd Anniversary of the coming into force of GDPR, Malta’s newly appointed Information and Data Protection Commissioner, Mr. Ian Deguara, discusses points of interest with Ganado’s IP/TMT and data protection partner, Paul Micallef Grimaud in this first episode of this seasons Ganado meets tech. Amongst others, they touched upon how the business community in Malta is living up to its data protection obligations, the repeal of the Privacy Shield, the challenges posed by emerging technologies and freedom of information.

1.2 - Paul Micallef Grimaud meets Prof. Alexiei Dingli

In this second episode of Ganado Meets Tech, Ganado’s IP/TMT and data protection partner, Paul Micallef Grimaud meets with Prof. Alexiei Dingli to introduce the emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence, what it encompasses, the most widely acclaimed uses, the legal and ethical challenges that it poses and the foreseeable developments. This is to serve as an introduction to the discussions that we will be having over the coming episodes in which we will be delving into how this technology is shaping various industry sectors.

1.3 - Paul Micallef Grimaud meets Dr. Gege Gatt & Prof. Alexiei Dingli

This third episode of Ganado Meets Tech delves into the application of Artificial Technology in the health sector, from diagnostic medicine to client management. This discussion with CEO of, Dr. Gege Gatt and Prof. Alexiei Dingli centres around the technology being used, its various benefits and risks, the legal and regulatory framework and ethical considerations.

This episode also includes a conversation with Consultant Nuclear Medicine Physician, Dr. Andrew Mallia.

02 - Ganado Meets Transport

2.1 - Matthew Xerri meets Captain Charles Pace

In the first episode of Ganado Meets Transport, Ganado Advocates’ Matthew Xerri, Senior Associate within the shipping and aviation team, meets with Captain Charles Pace to discuss how the Aviation industry in Malta and in particular the Aircraft register has grown throughout the last decade and what makes it attractive for aircraft operators to establish themselves in Malta.

2.2 - Matthew Attard meets Michael Sillato

In the second episode of Ganado Meets Transport, Ganado Advocates’ Matthew Attard, Senior Associate within the shipping team, meets with Michael Sillato to discuss the Malta Registry of Ships, how it got started and how it was developed into an international ship register of repute we know today.

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