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The Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP) enables individuals who are not EU, EEA or Swiss nationals to apply for and be issued with a certificate that entitles the beneficiaries (and his/her registered dependants) to a residence permit.

The residence permit grants the beneficiaries the right to reside, settle or stay in Malta indefinitely as well as the ability to freely move around the countries in the Schengen area. The residence certificate also provides them with the opportunity to live in a country, Malta, that has a moderate cost of living, accepts diversity and multiculturalism, and provides the beneficiary and any approved dependant of age with the opportunity to apply for a work permit to be able to work in Malta, which has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. It also provides the opportunity to live in a safe country which is both politically and economically stable and has a high standard of respect for civil rights, along with access to high level educational institutions and access to renowned English Schools and universities modelled on the British curriculum.

Malta is also renowned for its diversified economy, made up of various sectors ranging from all facets of financial services, to pharmaceuticals, gaming, manufacturing and today also blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, and boasts about having one of the largest GDP growth in the whole of Europe.

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