CPD training programme for the insurance industry

Ganado Advocates is organising a training program that considers the requirements emanating from Chapter 7: Continuous Professional Development (the “Chapter”) whereby a relevant person and a relevant employee, as defined in the Chapter, are required to undertake a minimum of fifteen (15) hours of continuous professional development (“CPD”) training in each calendar year, which can take the form of structured CPD training or unstructured CPD training. As a minimum, such CPD training shall include twelve (12) hours of structured CPD training. The training programme includes eight (8) sessions covering a number of topics as indicated in Section 6.8 to 6.10 of Chapter 6 in Part B if the Insurance Distribution Rules and which qualify as structured CPD training. A defined number of hours are allocated to each session and a certificate of attendance will be provided to each attendee indicating the number of hours of the session and the topic/s and areas covered.

The training programme offers attendees the possibility to choose between session 1a and 1b for insurers and intermediaries and session 2 on Anti-Money Laundering is optional as it would not apply for all the sector.

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