Malta Freeport – Proof of Malta’s Commitment as an International Hub for the Transhipment of Goods

Malta Freeport announced its recent addition of a fourth quay to its terminal facilities. Such investment was made in order to address the needs of shipping lines calling to Malta, now making use of ever-larger container vessels. These cranes are built by ZPMC in Shanghai and have an outreach of 72m, a capacity of 85 tonnes, a lifting height under spreader above rail of 54m and are capable of handling twin-lift spreaders. Moreover, the new quay cranes are equipped with the latest technology. According to Malta Freeport, such investment has made the Freeport in Malta as the only hub in the Mediterranean capable of handling 18,000 TEUs over on two berths.

The acquisition of such cranes was anticipated by infrastructural works in the Freeport area made to ensure that the new quay cranes will be able to operate alongside the overall length of the quay.

This is proof of Malta’s commitment towards the maritime industry, with a diversification of investments that range from the provision of legal services to ship owners and credit institutions, onto ancillary facilities such as ship management, ship maintenance and transhipment of goods.