Shipping and ESG

Together with other departments within the firm, the shipping team at Ganado Advocates has embarked on a project to assess how the law firm can contribute towards Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices.

Matthew Attard, a maritime lawyer within Ganado Advocates’ shipping team, has recently assisted with the registration of a particular type of vessel. The “Okeanos” (a Vaka Motu), a traditionally built double hull sailing canoe, has been constructed using ancient Pacific techniques, the primary objective of which is to provide a sustainable means of transport in the Pacific area, whilst using contemporary renewable energy sources and balancing this with the need to preserve maritime traditions.

As a shipping nation with a very large registry of vessels, Malta plays a significant role in ensuring that commercial shipping leaves the least possible negative environmental damage. The protection of our oceans from the harmful impact which the maritime industry may cause is even more consciously felt because Malta is located in the middle of a heavy shipping traffic route.

As a law firm, we also have a duty of not only seeking to assist projects such as the Okeanos Foundation, which is noble and deserves full support, but also help in the creation and implementation of regulatory opportunities for such ventures. The legal profession has a duty to ensure that legislation (both local and international) is drafted with the principles of ESG and long-term sustainability in mind as it is only through such efforts that we can do our bit to leave a better world to our future generations.