Continuous Professional Development for Insurance Licence holders

Session 1 – An overview of the European and Maltese regulatory framework

Date: 19 November 2020
Time: 1100 – 1230 hrs
Presenter: Elaine Magri

  • General overview of the EU Directive, Delegated Regulations and Implementing Technical Standards and their transposition in Maltese legislation.

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Session 2 – General Principles of Insurance and the Maltese Insurance Sector

Date: 24 November
Time: 1100 – 1230 hrs
Presenters: Nadia Cassar and Tanya Causon

General overview of the:

  • Principles of insurance which form the basis of both the underwriting and claims operations (Utmost Good Faith, Insurable Interest, Proximate Cause, Indemnity, Subrogation, Contribution);
  • Local insurance market, including the components making up the local insurance market detailing the function, scope and main operations conducted by re/insurance undertakings and intermediaries.

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Session 3 – The Conduct of Business Rulebook (1)

Date: 26 November 2020
Time: 1100-1230 hrs
Presenter: Elaine Magri

  • Advice and Non-Advice
  • Assessment of clients’ demands and needs
  • Appropriateness and Suitability assessments

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Session 4 – Conduct of Business Rulebook (2)

Date: 1 December 2020
Time: 1100 – 1300 hrs
Presenters: Emma Cassar Torreggiani and Tanya Causon

  • Information disclosure requirements including the Insurance Product Information Document (“IPID”) and the Key  Information Document (“KID”)
  • The Sales Process
  • Conflicts of Interest

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Session 5 – Conduct of Business Rulebook (3)

Date; 3 December 2020
Time: 100 – 1230 hrs
Presenter: Julian Boffa

  • Product oversight and governance (POG) requirements for Manufacturers
  • Product oversight and governance  (POG) requirements for Distributors
  • EIOPA Guidance and Expectations in relation to the POG process (including 8 July 2020 and 8 October 2020 papers)

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Session 6 – Technology Arrangements, ICT and Security Risk Management and Outsourcing Agreements

Date: 7 December 2020
Time: 1100 – 1230 hrs
Presenters: Beppe Sammut and Julian Boffa

  • Review of MFSA expectations in Consultation Document issued on 30 June 2020

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Session 7 – Legislation, regulations and rules affecting insurance/reinsurance distribution activities

Date: 10 December 2020
Time: 1100 – 1300 hrs
Presenters: Beppe Sammut, Luke Hili and Matthew Brincat

General overview of the:

  • Distance Selling (Retail Financial Services) Regulations (S.L. 330.07)
  • Passporting Regulations
  • Complaints handling and the Function of the Office of the Arbiter of Financial Services
  • Relevant social and employment law (including the organisation and benefits guaranteed by the pension system in Malta)

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Session 8 – General Data Protection Regulation

Date: 15 December 2020
Time: 100-1230 hrs
Presenters: Luke Hili and Philip Formosa

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) applied to the ambit of the insurance industry

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Session 9 – Anti Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism

Date: 17 December 2020
Time: 1100 – 1230 hrs
Presenter: Mario Zerafa

  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act and subsidiary legislation
  • FIAU Implementing Procedures

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