Webinar: Common pitfalls when effecting redundancies and data protection considerations of employee monitoring and health screening

6th May 2020
15:00 – 16:15

Webinar Overview 

As time passes and we continue to work remotely if at all, most of us are contemplating redundancies as a possible or potential remedy, even if not a current reality. HR professionals are the first port of call when such decisions are made, and are constantly being bombarded with questions on privacy, data, and GDPR issues linked with staff.

But what are the pitfalls of redundancies? What should you watch out for? Is there a way around the LIFO principle? And what about collective redundancies? Are there principles which emanate from case law that you should be aware of?

In addition, employers are contemplating, or have even already implemented, monitoring tools as a measure for ensuring continued employee productivity. What are the data protection and privacy considerations that need to be taken into account when this happens? Does GDPR permit you to monitor employee activity whilst working from home and, if so, how do you then manage your employee privacy duties and obligations?

In preparation for the eventual return back to office life, the notion of COVID-19 health screening has been raised as a possible measure for ensuring health and safety in the workplace. But what are the data protection and privacy considerations in this regard? Does the current Maltese data protection and privacy law allow you to implement health screening and, if so, to what extent?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, this webinar is the perfect opportunity for you…

GANADO Advocates’ Employment Team will hold a third free webinar on 6th May at 15:00 hrs to guide HR personnel through the frequently asked legal questions which employers may face during this time of uncertainty, on redundancy and data protection issues.

The webinar will be interactive and shall last 75 minutes, with at least 20 minutes dedicated to your live questions.

Dr Matthew Brincat (Partner, Employment), Dr Lara Pace (Associate, Employment), and Dr Philip Formosa (Associate, IP) will be hosting the webinar.

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