GANADO Advocates sponsors Marine Money’s Ship Finance Fora

GANADO Advocates was one of the sponsors of Marine Money’s 16th Annual German Ship Finance Forum, organised on Feburary 23rd in Hamburg, and the 19th Annual Norway Ship and Offshore Finance Forum, organised on June 1st in Oslo.

The Annual German Ship Finance Forum brings together a number of organisations, from both the buy and sell side, to discuss shipping market trends. The 2017 forum delved into specific topics of interest, such as secured debts and Chinese financial leasing, and featured spotlight discussions about the container sector, the sale and purchase of non-performing loans, M&A and restructuring and the dry bulk and tanker markets.

The Annual Norway Ship and Offshore Finance Forum, which is focused on the offshore marine finance space, aims at bridging the gap between the offshore energy and capital markets. During the 2017 forum, topics like the impact of supply in relation to the recycling of offshore assets, the type of asset classes to be considered for investment, the lending market perspective as well as trends in capital markets and OSV, amongst others, were given due importance.

Dr Daniel Aquilina was accompanied by Dr Caroline Risiott at the Hamburg event and by Dr Matthew Xerri at the Oslo Event.